Monday, October 1, 2012

That Bitch!

You know how when you claim your servant's lap-you own it!  There is nothing more important than me at that moment and that's it.  That's all she needs to know.  Well leave it to Muttville to start gorging on her brains for control.

While I sat comfy and secure on my lap throne, one by one, the muttbutts wanted in and they wanted out, which meant I lost my throne every time she got up to tend to those needy muttbutts.  Who's the real king around here anyways?  Those slobbery mutts or this ruthless feline who could tear out all out Muttville's eyes with one swipe of my claws, but instead rely on my dignity and proper self control.  Something none Muttville will ever attain to...

Trying to recover from the embarrassment and humiliation of being ON THE FLOOR!!

So in order to make up for the Muttville door parade, my servant began grooming me with this fantastic soft bristle brush.  It was like insane ecstasy.  The rubbing, the purring, the brushing....And while I dance around on her lap I made sure all 18 claws were out, digging into her legs.  I wanted each needle to reach skin so as  to remind her I hadn't forgotten what she had done and to teach her a lesson with every little poke.  And that no matter how much to she tries to salvage the evening with this...crazy...brush....Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Maybe, just maybe you are forgiven.  
But just until you are done brushing me.
All I need now is tuna and nap!!      


Kristine said...

Hahahaha! Oh the sheer indignity of it all! You and my cat sound like you have a lot in common. I bet he could give you some pointers on putting those dogs in their place. Though he is very happy he only has one to contend with. ;-)

36 Claws of Attitude said...

Bring over, I'm trying to build a feline army against Muttville and I could sure use all the help I can get!!