Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Throne

Do any of you felines have this problem with your servant?

My servant gets off of my throne so that I can take it back and then has the audacity to try and push me off at her return.  And this 16 pound king ain't moving.  Then she acts like I am imposing on HER!!  Does she expect me to regain my kingdom from Muttville while sitting in the little kiddie recliner she put on the other side of the room?  I hardly think so.  Beside I don't remember anything in the royalty manual about sharing the darn thing.  Unless of she's in it then I can still claim top position.  Refer to kings manual, under dominance rule #1, for top cat position, be above servant.

I can't take anymore battles with her.  All of this fighting over something should be mine anyways, deserves tuna and nap!

1 comment:

Brian said...

You are certainly right! Royalty must have a throne at all times!!!!