Saturday, November 17, 2012

Kitty Radar or Canine?

Boxer's mom here:

Cats have such a different energy than dogs, don't you think?  Like they are at a higher frequency.  I know it has been said they are at a higher level than dogs and can have insight into other dimensions.  Yet while I find more of a spiritual connection with my dogs, I have experienced it with Boxer and Leia, but cats seem to be at a level I can't interpret as well as I can with my dogs.  Since I grew up with dogs, I instantly connected with them very young, learning and following their body language, but cats are still a mystery to me.  I started this blog to try to understand or at least learn what I could about those inner feline workings.

I'm taking you to your new kitty leader
I think I've got a grasp on Boxer, but Leia is like from a whole different universe.  I have no idea how to put the way she is into words, unless I made some up.  She is a conglomeration of spirits that seem to make up this creature that can't be describe, like an angel or an alien.  There isn't one word that fits her nor is there a group of words that can accurately capture her in full.  She is like an entirely different being.  And I constantly find myself in awe of her.  We still connect, we have our moments but honestly is still beyond my comprehension who she really is.  

My beautiful Heart Cat, Claw
I got Princess Leia 9 days after I buried my heartcat Claw.  Claw was female Siamese or at least part, except she looked like a grey tabby.  Leia is a full blooded Seal Point Siamese (your classic looking Siamese with dark face, legs, and tail and half dark/half tan body) After I brought her home, I quit grieving for Claw.  It was like Claw was right here with me, inside of Leia.  They could have been twins.  So it has been an odd yet comforting experience, no matter what level Leia may be at.  I could never describe Claw's personality to anyone either.  She had that same out-of-this-universe type of attitude and I could never really put my finger on it.

Try as I might I find it difficult to tune into the cats frequencies.  Sometimes I get it, I mean I really get it, like when we are alone and in rhythm, but I'm so dog orientated it is challenging to really synchronize with them.  That's why they think the dogs are rotting my brains.  mol!  They have been for many years, but I keep trying with the Boxer and Leia.  If they could just dial down a few notches then maybe I would only have a go up a couple to reach their world.  I know I won't stop trying if they keep giving me chances.  :)

So what about you, do you think cats have a higher radar than dogs?  Do you find it easier to connect with dogs or cats and why?



Anonymous said...

Gee, that's not as easy a question as one might immediately think. I wonder if the individual nature of each pet makes a difference? I once had a dog who seemed to sense my every single mood and would react accordingly. Now I have a cat who does--especially when I'm not feeling well. Go figure! Good luck with all of your Claws!

Anonymous said...

Well, I am a I let Mom do this response to eliminate bias.. Hi! mom Here! We had 3 Siberian Huskies, lived for about 6 years in the dog show world , then retired them and us to what we all really wanted, just them and us as family. And for 8 of those years we had cats as well have had cats after the dogs went over the bridge at 11, 12, 14 years of age. And we do experience cats as being much deeper in their intelligence and behavioral preferences...not better...just different...And, we experienced our Sibes as behaving much like cats trapped in a dogs fur...that's our experience

36 Claws of Attitude said...

Interesting Mom!! I find the same thing with our Sibes, cats trapped in a dog's body. Never heard anyone else say that. Very cool!