Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Why didn't I think of this before?

Have you ever done something and can't for the life of you don't know why you haven't done it all along?  

Princess Leia is a very quirky cat.  She's skittish, but not afraid.  She tiny, but quick and she is so dainty but bold, she really is a mixed bag.  Both Boxer and Leia have this giant bed in the corner, about 4' x 4' over two foot off the ground, with a giant down comforter in it.  I designed the bed and my husband built it.  It is made out of small logs and so sturdy I can get into it and sit.  

Well, I started doing just that.  At first Leia didn't know what to think and wouldn't come near me.  Each time I did that she came closer and closer instead of taking off.  And then today I sat and brushed her in her bed and she loved it.  We have never had a really calm place to be alone and I always had a hard time brushing because she gets so crazy and I have just let it slide.  I couldn't tell you when I last tried to brushed her, maybe last year?  There's too many dogs in the other room for her to feel calm and not feel like she has to bolt in a split second if needed.  The dogs don't stay out long enough for any intimate alone time and usually when I come in the cats room, I'm on the computer.  (GUILTY!)  It was so awesome just to be tucked in our own little world, away from everything.  Leia was actually able to calm and quiet herself and her nervous energy and so was I.  Why had I never thought of this before?  It was such wonderful experience I can't wait to do it again.  Not to mention how beautiful Leia looks and how content she has been today.  

Yes, Boxer and Leia have every right to be mad at me.  I have not spent enough time with them being wrapped up in all the problems of our 6 dogs.  But now that the dogs are finally coming together and settling in their spaces, I've found more time and energy to be with the cats and that is such a blessing.  I know they've been pushed to the back burner and for cats with attitudes they are also so very forgiving.  I want nothing more than the best for them and now I finally have the chance to do that.  They are two very special cats that I don't want to take for granted another day and finally this year I am doing just that.

  We can't wait to catch up!

Friday, December 7, 2012

Special times together

Boxer here:

One of my favorite times of the day is when my servant is doing her stretches and yoga positions.  I can weave in and out of her as she moves or just sit quietly next to her cheering her on.  It gives us a break from fighting over my chair and my lap.  It's just nice having some time to ourselves without the help of Muttville.  And I think it's pretty cool.  :)

Besides somebody has to supervise!