Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shared Spirits

Boxer's mom (apprentice) here:
(Boxer's still ON STRIKE)

I have always felt Sparky and Claw's spirit alive and well, within Boxer and Princess Leia.  Have you felt this before with a lost love one and a new life, almost sharing spirits?  When Claw died and I got Leia, it was like they were twins, just different colored.  In fact I stopped grieving for Claw when I got Leia, because it was like Claw never left.  Boxer was a little tougher because his personality is so much different than Sparky's was.  But I still feel Sparky in Boxer nonetheless.

So I was telling you that something special was going on the other night when I slept with Boxer and Leia.  So let me ask you this:  Have you had those times when you felt like you have risen to the level that your cat is at?  That you are right there on the same level and communicating together?

This is where we were after I turned off the computer and and felt them pull me to their height of thinking.  That's when the idea to sleep with them, even it was only going to be for a short time, came to us.  Not only that, but I felt like that Sparky and Claw were there as well.  And I had the comfort and pleasure of being with all of my great cat loves for that evening.  It was an awesome feeling.  And healing.  So much healing.  And love.  I felt surrounded in pure feline love.  Like a little family reunion.  It was so close to heaven.  And such a sweet blessing.  That if it wasn't for the cramp spaces, it wouldn't have ended.

Have you ever experienced anything like that with your cats and those that have passed on?      

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Zzzz's with the cats

Boxer's Mom(apprentice) here:

Boxer has decided to take a little break from blogging.  He's a little miffed that I took a break from the dog blog and didn't catch up with his blog.  So now he's 'On Strike' and once again I must prove myself to him that he is just as important as the dog.  (Sigh)  I guess it just goes with the turf of being an apprentice.

Boxer and Leia's bed is large enough for me to climb in and curl to sleep.  I've taken a few naps with the cats, who have their own room, but last night I did something special.  I turned off the computer, grabbed a blanket and pillow and curled up with them, instead of sleeping with the dogs.

They were both rather excited.  Boxer was right in my face purring as I lay there and Leia was somewhere curled up in my legs.  And all I could think was I needed to do this more often.

I only slept for a couple of hours before I needed to stretch out, which meant leaving Boxer and Leia and going to be.  But it was the best couple of hours I could ask for.  I haven't done that since I met my husband, who was deathly afraid of cats after being attacked by one when he was younger and I haven't had any cats sleeping in our bed since.  So this was a real treat and I don't know why I never thought of it before.

It was so healing and energizing, peaceful and calming.  I had forgotten how much I missed sleeping with cats.  Yes, I need to do it more often and hoping this gets me back in Boxer's graces...

 More, More, More!

There was another comforting aspect to sleeping with Boxer and Leia that I'll share with you next time.    

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Remembering Sparky

I woke up this morning with pangs in my heart that I hadn't felt in some time about my heart cat Sparky.  I was amazed at how open and fresh the wound felt and how terribly much I missed him.   

My mind flashed back to this time period several years ago to a particular incident that I still reel from to this day.  It was about knowing the truth about something that happened to me and Sparky was a part of this revelation.  He was just the best cat in the world, who knew me inside and out.  Sparky always knew what I needed.

My mind continued to flow through the past and I remember how surprised the vet was at the muscle tone on Sparky.  He was an inside and outside cat who got his workout.

And then I remember when he got hurt somehow, only I didn't really know it.  He stopped going outside and only got up for the necessities.  I finally took him in to the vet.  He had a fractured pelvis.  He was probably hit by a car.  And my heart stopped for a minute as the image took over my memory.  There was nothing they could do for him, except to give him rest and let himself heal.  It could've been so much worse.

And that's where the feelings stopped and stayed.  And I missed him.  And I kept missing him. And I missed him some more.  Seven years felt like yesterday since he died.

And I don't think I will ever really stop missing him. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to Win a Cat's Heart

 Claw and Sparky

My husband has always had a fear of cats after being attacked by one that landed on his back.  So when he met me and I had two, in order to win them over he came up with the idea of giving them tuna before bed.  Sparky, who took little coaxing when it came to food jumped on the bandwagon.  My husband was instantly his best friend.  Claw took a little slower coming around, after all she was MY cat and she wasn’t going to bow down to anyone no matter what it was.  With Sparky being such a pig, Claw figured if she wanted in on this special dessert she had to lose a little of her dignity and began to join in on the fun when Mark started clinking on the tuna can. 

Since I’d never gave the cats any wet food before, this was an extra special treat that carries on today with Boxer and Leia and for every cat after, who will never have to know what it is like to go without at least a spoonful of tuna or canned food.  Thanks to a guy terrified of cats who won their hearts and tummys over to him with a little fish and a whole lot of love.

  Don't mess with my tuna OR my Daddy or else...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Boxer's Side of the Story


Boxer here:

So my apprentice comes in our room and for once doesn't sit in front of that screen, but instead picks up one of toys and... hold on to your claws...starts playing with us.  Well, me really, Leia just stood around and watched as I took over that toy.  Oh the sheer bliss of clawing and fanging, jumping and rolling and doing that all out cat spaz thing!

The jealous mongrel kept beating and whining at the door!  Suck it up Muttville!  It's about time she played with me and not you!  Even more heaven when the apprentice told the mutt, "Quiet!"  Is it possible?  Are we really getting through to her (apprentice)?  Has it been since taking her under our claws that she is coming around?  Is she really getting in tune with her inner catness??  Could it be that the impossible is becoming possible?  Zip, zang she's got me going crazy over this toy!!  I think I'm in love!!

My apprentice puts the toy down next to Leia and I, while going for the door.  When who zips into OUR room, but the Muttville's crazy-for-us mutt.  She grabs our toy, right out from under us and takes off out the door.  Why that little...wait a minute...wait one darn minute...she grabbed the toy and not us.  What the heck is up with that?  Who cares?  The mutt didn't get us, or even try to, she just wanted the toy.  Whew!  That was close.

 Ms. Apprentice, can I have my toy back now? 

If you really want to hear that cat crazed mutt side of the story-go HERE

Friday, August 30, 2013

Best Catnap

Nothing like a rainy morning, with Boxer in my lap, while we take a catnap together.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Lesson #4-BIG Playtime


We only gave our apprentice a couple of whops for being so late with this post because she earned some bonus points with this feat.  It was so crazy amazing we couldn't wait to tell you.

I guess I'd better back up....for those of you just joining us I've taken my human assistance under my wing and she's now my apprentice to get in touch with her catness.  In return for gaining our righteous place at the top of this Muttville kingdom.  Looks like we're finally getting through to her because my plan is starting to come together.  

OK, now check this out!!    

SHE DID IT TWICE!!  T-W-I-C-E cool cats and it was AWESOME!!

There is room over here and over there...

So what did she do?  She let us play, just us cats, in the living room without the Mutt circus around.  She even put the big bad dog in his room who thought he was going to take over.  Ah-ah-ah.  It was so cool having all that space to run and jump and just go crazy after that mouse toy.

 I'm in a state of shock.  I don't know what to do with all this play room!

And she did it again the other day.  Finally we are starting to break through that slobbery shell of hers by letting us show her what real cats are like.  And did we show her!!

Wish we had thought to record it in some way, but that will have to be for NEXT time!

 Look!  I can stretch my leg all the way out to here there's so much room!


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The massage-Lesson #3

Boxer's Apprentice (mom)

I was laying on my back on the couch, the four days of extreme heat and humidity had taken it's toll on me and I was feeling sick to my stomach.

When up pops Boxer walking around on my stomach.  Please lay down, please lay down, I pleaded in my head.  That's when he sat down and began kneading just under and along my rib cage.

Boxer was using the utmost care with the tips of his claws barely brushing my shirt.  As he crouched down his eyes were deep in concentration as he was massaging with a methodical instinct.

I felt my bent knees soften and start to fall until they slid out in front of me.  My shoulders and arms relaxed and the icky feeling in my stomach melted away.

Boxer continued massaging for a little while longer until he laid down on top of my torso.  I felt like I was floating, I was that calm.  He knew just what I needed and where I needed it.  It was heaven.

Boxer here:

Yeah, I'm your mancat!!  AND my apprentice score extra bonus points during that massage by not getting up when Muttville wanted to come in  AND it was sprinkling out!  Of course it could be due to my "get-the-hell-away-from-me" look I gave them when they came to the sliding glass door and they decided not to press me on it.  I was the king that day and my apprentice move up a notch or two up the ladder.  I told you she'd get it.  Sooner or later.  She's get it.


Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cat From Hell Show

Boxer's apprentince (mom) here:

So has anybody watched this show, "My Cat From Hell?"  I watched it for the first time, when not five minutes in I became very grateful for Boxer and Princess Leia, but mostly Boxer.  This hell cat on TV was attacking and clawing the hell out of their owners and guest.  Even though Boxer and I have been through some rough patches, it didn't take long to realize how truly blessed I am regardless of how bossy, pushy, or demanding Boxer has ever been.  And really all he's looking for is some loving, he just has a funny way of showing it sometimes.

And what did you get out of the show Boxer?


Monday, June 17, 2013

Lesson 2-Out in the Wild

Boxer here:
Hell yea I'll go outside!!

OK, so we have my latest confession of liking the dogs and feeling like one of them.  So when my apprentice said I could go outside with Muttville, I leapt out the door before she could change her mind.  Now she could witness me in my natural habitat and for the cat I really am.  My plan was working.  Sooner or later I would have to take precedence over those Muttillans.  She would have to see me for the ruler of my wooded kingdom that I am and would bow to my presence.  Putting the Nutty Mutty's in their place.

I am king of the forest

I acted aloof but interested, taking my time before rubbing against her leg and getting those wonderful long strokes in my fur.  I ventured a little further, eating some grass along the way.  Which by the way isn't causing any upset with the my tummy like it did the last few summers.  I moseyed over to the the sheds, minding my own business and get as far away from the Mutt circus as possible.

When all of the sudden...

Here comes the Princess Cat Patrol and her evil father, trying to round me up.  I high tail it back to the house, with them close on my heels, but I am safe.

And then I here it...laughing and praising as the mutts clamor around her like they just slayed a dragon.  She is letting them keep tabs on me and if I wander, the round up crew comes out to get me.  And she thinks it cute.

So you thought it was "cute" did you?

Just think how "cute" every claw in your sore legs will be tonight, my apprentice.  Digging each finely chiseled point deep into your skin.  Oh, and that headbutt of mine that you think is so annoying, lets just see how many times I can spill your pop in your lap while you try to drink.  Just wait until I get you alone and all your little muttville isn't there to protect you.  You may have foiled me once again.  But just remember revenge is so much sweeter the second time around. (and third and forth and fifth...)

Take your time learning that cats rule, I'm a very patient and vengeful cat...I got time....

Saturday, June 1, 2013

"We are Siamese if you please..."

Leia at four months old.

Leia's apprentice (mom) here:

After finding my dream tuxie cat, Boxer, next came my dream Siamese cat...

Two different encounters with Siamese lead me to my next two cats.  Both when I was quite young.  First was Disney's Lady and the Tramp with the two Siamese cats and their famous song, "We are Siamese if you please."  I have no idea what it was about those two cats, but I just loved them.  Still do.  My real life experience was a neighbor who had two Siamese that I believe were related.  They were quite old when I met them, around twenty years old.  Their names were Ping and Pong and I thought that was the coolest name two Siamese cats could ever have.  It was the first time I ever met any pet, where the name fit the animals so well and I was in love with them.  I can still remember their darting slanted eyes and their slinking walk.  It didn't take much for me to be hooked.

My heart cat, Claw

When my first cat Claw died, I'd had suspicions all along she may have been at least part Siamese.  She had a lanky body, long corkscrew tail and large ears, but I was never really sure because she looked like a grey tabby.  I started doing some research after her death only to discover that there are certain Siamese that do not have the traditional Seal Point markings, like Princess Leia does, and can look like tabby cats.

Claw was my heart cat and nine days after she passed I found Princess Leia.  She was the first pedigreed animal I've ever had and that I ever paid for.  She is the only pet I traveled four hours round trip after finding a Siamese cattery on the internet, something I'd never done.  Among six Husky mix dogs she's the only one in the family who has blue eyes.  And when I brought her home, it was like Claw stepped into her body and I never grieved for her again.  It was like she is part of Leia and my dream was fulfilled.

My Princess

Once I discovered that Claw was at least Siamese or was one, through many tears, I felt like the universe was pushing me to find the Siamese I always wanted with the traditional Seal Point markings.  Like the forces of nature just beckoned me towards her so that there would not be that gaping hole in my heart.  Or the pain was going to be too much to for me to bear.  Whatever the reason I followed it and let it steer me in Leia's direction.  With the sense of Claw being part of Leia, I was whole again and the hole in my heart closed.  I had the best of both worlds, Claw and Leia, in the cat of my dreams and I am able to cherish them together.


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Sylvester

(Courtesy of Loonipedia)

 Boxer's apprentice (mom) here:

I never know whether I should apologize or give a reason for being away from the blog.  Mainly I had some health issues I am dealing with that sort of took over for a while.  It gave me some time to think and for the gratitude I have for Boxer and Princess Leia, thinking back to when I got them and how they fulfilled a childhood dream when it came to cats.

As I kid I always loved Sylvester from the Looney Tunes cartoons.  His black and white looking tux was just what I always wanted in cat.  When my first cat Sparky died, I wasn't thinking of getting my dream cat, instead I was just trying to fill the big empty hole he left when he passed.  I just happened to pick up the paper and look under the pet section 22 days after Sparky's death when I came across an ad for free kittens.  I took a chance and called, "just to see," and there was a black and white male kitten available.  My heart soared.  Even though I wasn't thinking this was my dream cat, I rushed over to have a look at this adorable kitten.

And there he was, all black, with white paws, belly and snout.  All that was missing was the white tip on the
tail.  I was scared, Sparky's death still hung heavy with grief, yet here was a new life in front of me that made me want to jump for joy.  This little devil of a kitten was made me.  I'd been dreaming of him from as far back as I could remember and there he was in front of me, just waiting for me to take him home.

We had a bit of a rocky start, it was so tough between grieving for Sparky and this wild child named Boxer, but over the years we have managed to work it out.  And I will be forever grateful to have the Sylvester I have always wanted, with the name of Boxer.

Sylvester ain't got nothing on me!

Next post I will share how Princess Leia completed the childhood fantasy.  :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm so ashamed!

Boxer here...

There's a rumor going around that I like the dogs.  Well, let me set the record straight.  I...I...OK, OK, I do like the dogs sometimes.  I can't lie.  But they are a pain in my derriere as well.  Like coughing up a big hairball kind of good.  I can't help it (covering face) I'm a lover not a fighter.  And those dogs, er I mean Muttville like me, OK, OK, they boss me around.  My apprentice finally started letting me go outside again with the dogs.  Now that's cool.  Until they ruffle my fur and start messing with me.  (head in paws)  It's hopeless, it's hopeless I'll never be the tough alley cat everyone thinks me to be.  For all my size, I should be a bully with those dogs, but I can't help myself.  I just want someone to play with too.  Ya know?  Princess Leia's no fun, she hides most of the day and only comes out here and there, but the dogs, they are every where. Oh, I confess, I like the dogs.  I guess maybe I thought that my apprentice would appreciate me more if I hung out and acted like them.  Maybe I just wanted to be a part of something, ya know like hanging  with the cool kitties.  (wipes tears)  Please don't tell my apprentice.  She's the only one I have left to boss around and really act like a cat with.  I really do wish that she would get more in touch with her feline self, but she's getting there.  She's getting there.  She just loves those dogs so much I got a little jealous.  OK, not really, I've been like that from the get.  Just don't tell her that!!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Boxer's outta the bag!

Princess Leia here, sorry it's taken so long for anyone update our blog but have I got the kitty scoop for you!  All this "cat" talk that my buddy Boxer gives about our mom (apprentice) who is trying change her warped canine mind...are you ready for it?  Actually likes the dogs!  All that big hoopla talk about Muttville and Boxer fits right in with them.  I swear he's part dog!  He likes to hang out with the dogs, especially outside, lie on the floor with them and mom's even got videos of him snuggling and playing with them.  Yes, with the dreaded Muttville he goes on and on about!  He for some reason is always trying to be part of their world.  Heehee!

And if you don't believe me, watch this!

And while part of him doesn't like all the attention the dogs get from mom, he can't help himself to hang out close with them.  So it's all a lot of big meow that he's trying to change mom's mind.  Maybe that why he's bonded so well with the dogs, to get her attention.  Who knows?  But don't tell him I told you so.  Boxer is still a bossy mean brat cat and I don't need the extra trouble.  Not that I can't handle him, but he is at least double my size.  Just saying...besides I wouldn't want to ruin his tough cat image.

Oops, gotta go!  Here comes the big lug now.  Remember this is between you and me!


Wednesday, April 10, 2013



Boxer's Mom here:

So are headbutts suppose to feel like a mini ram smashing against your head, face, hand?  I swear to God that Boxer could knock me out my chair when he's on my lap demanding for attention.  And he gets very pushy about it even if I am petting him.  And the one headbutt I hate is trying to take a drink of pop and he knocks my hand holding the glass and I spill it down the front of me.  I don't think Boxer has ever headbutted me gently with affection.  He's more like mini ram fighting for territory.

Does anyone else notice this with their cat?  Do you like your cat headbutting you?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

No other Boxer

For the only cat who can aggravate me as much as I can aggravate him,
Thank you so much for putting up with me
As I you. 
We have been through so much together
It can only get better.
I love you Boxer.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Challenge...

Boxer here:

I've been unable to grace you with my presence as my apprentice has had her head up doggyville's butt.  That's all right, I lie like a lion ready for the pounce.  Just gives me more time to plot my revenge.  It may take longer than I first thought, but I will get there.

If you are just joining us, Muttville has managed to warp my assistance's brain with all things canine.  She answers to them on a whim and leaves us cats second on the list.  I know, I know that is just wrong.  But it's not her fault she was just brought up that way and now we, Princess Leia and I are trying to turn that damaged head of hers around.  That's when we upgraded her to our apprentice and took her under our wing to channel her inner tigress. We've started with one lesson and let me tell you the damage is worse than I thought and it is going to take more of my ingenious wit and savvy ways (with the added touch of my purposely placed claws) to bring her up to our level.

And this is the challenge we face.  For kitties everywhere.  For all our royalty and worth to fight the Muttvilles of the world.  One apprentice at a time.  

Tell me kitties, is anyone else facing this challenge?  Do the Muttvilles at your house rule above you?  Are we not alone in our quest of making the world order right again?     

Monday, March 4, 2013

How do your cats act at the v-e-t?

The movie star Boxer

Boxer's mom/apprentice here and I got to thinking about how Boxer acts at the vet.  He practically puts on a Broadway show strutting out of his crate and around the table with all of the staff oohing and ahhing over him.  MOL!  He makes himself right at home jumping and floor and ready to follow the vet out the doors.  Loves to be petted and touched as he's so neglected around here, don't you know!  Boxer is just as comfortable as can be.  You wouldn't even know he was singing and crying all the way to the v-e-t just before in the car ride over.  Nope.  He's as cool as a cucumber and soaks in all the attention he can get.

 The scared mouse-Leia

Now Princess Leia on the other hand is scared, but she is easy to handle, doesn't fight or fuss and will let the doc check her over with no problem.  She's tends to just curl up and hope the exam will be over soon.

So that got me wondering how does your cat handle a trip the v-e-t?

Monday, February 25, 2013

Lesson 1-the Perfect Lap

Boxer here:

If you're just catching up with us, we invite you to this post HERE.  For quick recap:  My human servant has been upgraded to an apprentice and I am teaching her how to channel her inner catness to transform her  dog mush brain that CATS, not dogs rule this kingdom of a home.  Here are my notes on our first lesson.  

Seems this problem with my new apprentice is worse than first expected.  The Perfect Lap.  Being the Perfect Lap for me.  How hard can it be?  Just sit and rule the throne together.  But again her canine brain overruled her when she hears, SCRATCH, SCRATCH, a Muttville at the door to go out.  Then BAM!  Before I know it I'm on the floor and she's running to the door.

In a mere split second my sanity and serenity is destroy and I must recompose myself, but not after thrusting my way back on her lap.  For punishment I bumped her hand while she tried to drink and just stood for a good 5 minutes on her legs.  Not moving.  Letting my hefty weight sink in.  That should get my point across that I am not pleased.  Not pleased at all.

This girl's head is in furry deep with their slobber and "sad" eyes.  THEY seem to have her at their every whim and you know special treatment should be saved for me.  This is going to be tougher than I thought.  But it must be done and I haven't given up yet.  The plans are concocting.  Muttville will pay for what they have done to her.  We'll get this hierarchy straight yet.

May need more tuna and a nap to formulate plan... (this girl's exhausting!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not Going to Happen

Boxer's mom/apprentice here:

Boxer and I had a bit of a falling out today.  When he thinks he owns something he isn't going to move for no one.  And of course I'm talking about my chair/his throne.  So we had a bit of a "cat fight" with each other after getting him off my chair so I could sit down for the evening.  And it kind of felt good glaring at each other on the opposite sides of the room.  He's not the only one who is stubborn.  I felt catty and I enjoyed it.  Today I staked my claim against the Almighty Boxer who thought he was going to throw his weight around with me.  Not today.  Not today.