Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Christmas miracle

Boxer here,

How did our servant let our blog slip by through the holidays?  Easy.  Muttville took over the whole thing!  What with Christmas photos and cards being made all without us involved.  I guess I should feel like doing a long claw dance on her legs, digging right into her, but what we got was almost better than tuna.  Besides, she wasn't going to get me in any of that Christmas hoopla with antlers on my head!!  MOL!  Here's what we did get for Christmas, TIME.  And it was the best kind.  Full of love and sweetness.


See since I came to live here, my servant has had some unresolved conflicts that I wasn't more like her heart cat Sparky.  You can see how close we are in looks.  He had a white triangle on his chest.  She was really struggling to let go of him.  And well, I didn't make it easy for her.  But we have both come to some great peace and have been enjoying each others time together, as well as aggravating each other.  Hey!  I got to be me!  We have worked hard this past year to find that peace and now we are right where we belong.  Together.  She's been making an extra effort and that makes me try a little harder to.  It wasn't easy coming in after the Great Sparky was here.  

So while Muttville stole the show on their blog, we stole it right here in our home, on her lap, and all the joy that came with it.  

Merry belated Christmas everyone and let's ROCK AND CLAW in the New Year!

on your servants lap, no doubt!!


Molly The Wally said...

We too hope you rock and claw in the New Year. May 2013 be kind to you and yours. Have a terrific Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

36 Claws of Attitude said...

Thanks Molly, back at ya!!