Monday, February 25, 2013

Lesson 1-the Perfect Lap

Boxer here:

If you're just catching up with us, we invite you to this post HERE.  For quick recap:  My human servant has been upgraded to an apprentice and I am teaching her how to channel her inner catness to transform her  dog mush brain that CATS, not dogs rule this kingdom of a home.  Here are my notes on our first lesson.  

Seems this problem with my new apprentice is worse than first expected.  The Perfect Lap.  Being the Perfect Lap for me.  How hard can it be?  Just sit and rule the throne together.  But again her canine brain overruled her when she hears, SCRATCH, SCRATCH, a Muttville at the door to go out.  Then BAM!  Before I know it I'm on the floor and she's running to the door.

In a mere split second my sanity and serenity is destroy and I must recompose myself, but not after thrusting my way back on her lap.  For punishment I bumped her hand while she tried to drink and just stood for a good 5 minutes on her legs.  Not moving.  Letting my hefty weight sink in.  That should get my point across that I am not pleased.  Not pleased at all.

This girl's head is in furry deep with their slobber and "sad" eyes.  THEY seem to have her at their every whim and you know special treatment should be saved for me.  This is going to be tougher than I thought.  But it must be done and I haven't given up yet.  The plans are concocting.  Muttville will pay for what they have done to her.  We'll get this hierarchy straight yet.

May need more tuna and a nap to formulate plan... (this girl's exhausting!)

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Not Going to Happen

Boxer's mom/apprentice here:

Boxer and I had a bit of a falling out today.  When he thinks he owns something he isn't going to move for no one.  And of course I'm talking about my chair/his throne.  So we had a bit of a "cat fight" with each other after getting him off my chair so I could sit down for the evening.  And it kind of felt good glaring at each other on the opposite sides of the room.  He's not the only one who is stubborn.  I felt catty and I enjoyed it.  Today I staked my claim against the Almighty Boxer who thought he was going to throw his weight around with me.  Not today.  Not today.