Thursday, March 28, 2013

No other Boxer

For the only cat who can aggravate me as much as I can aggravate him,
Thank you so much for putting up with me
As I you. 
We have been through so much together
It can only get better.
I love you Boxer.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Challenge...

Boxer here:

I've been unable to grace you with my presence as my apprentice has had her head up doggyville's butt.  That's all right, I lie like a lion ready for the pounce.  Just gives me more time to plot my revenge.  It may take longer than I first thought, but I will get there.

If you are just joining us, Muttville has managed to warp my assistance's brain with all things canine.  She answers to them on a whim and leaves us cats second on the list.  I know, I know that is just wrong.  But it's not her fault she was just brought up that way and now we, Princess Leia and I are trying to turn that damaged head of hers around.  That's when we upgraded her to our apprentice and took her under our wing to channel her inner tigress. We've started with one lesson and let me tell you the damage is worse than I thought and it is going to take more of my ingenious wit and savvy ways (with the added touch of my purposely placed claws) to bring her up to our level.

And this is the challenge we face.  For kitties everywhere.  For all our royalty and worth to fight the Muttvilles of the world.  One apprentice at a time.  

Tell me kitties, is anyone else facing this challenge?  Do the Muttvilles at your house rule above you?  Are we not alone in our quest of making the world order right again?     

Monday, March 4, 2013

How do your cats act at the v-e-t?

The movie star Boxer

Boxer's mom/apprentice here and I got to thinking about how Boxer acts at the vet.  He practically puts on a Broadway show strutting out of his crate and around the table with all of the staff oohing and ahhing over him.  MOL!  He makes himself right at home jumping and floor and ready to follow the vet out the doors.  Loves to be petted and touched as he's so neglected around here, don't you know!  Boxer is just as comfortable as can be.  You wouldn't even know he was singing and crying all the way to the v-e-t just before in the car ride over.  Nope.  He's as cool as a cucumber and soaks in all the attention he can get.

 The scared mouse-Leia

Now Princess Leia on the other hand is scared, but she is easy to handle, doesn't fight or fuss and will let the doc check her over with no problem.  She's tends to just curl up and hope the exam will be over soon.

So that got me wondering how does your cat handle a trip the v-e-t?