Monday, March 4, 2013

How do your cats act at the v-e-t?

The movie star Boxer

Boxer's mom/apprentice here and I got to thinking about how Boxer acts at the vet.  He practically puts on a Broadway show strutting out of his crate and around the table with all of the staff oohing and ahhing over him.  MOL!  He makes himself right at home jumping and floor and ready to follow the vet out the doors.  Loves to be petted and touched as he's so neglected around here, don't you know!  Boxer is just as comfortable as can be.  You wouldn't even know he was singing and crying all the way to the v-e-t just before in the car ride over.  Nope.  He's as cool as a cucumber and soaks in all the attention he can get.

 The scared mouse-Leia

Now Princess Leia on the other hand is scared, but she is easy to handle, doesn't fight or fuss and will let the doc check her over with no problem.  She's tends to just curl up and hope the exam will be over soon.

So that got me wondering how does your cat handle a trip the v-e-t?


Molly The Wally said...

I hate the vets. I hide under the chair. No don't like the torture shop one bit. Have a marvelous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Brian said...

HA! I sound like Boxer. I hate the ride, but once I get there I am just fine and I will let our Vet do anything she wants. Have a great week!

Smokey_the cat said...

My vet was really nice. I was scared at first but he was really nice to me. Now my pals whine a lot, Baby meows, Barney's eyes get huge and Casey goes, 'grrrrrrrr.'

Nice to meet all of you by the way!