Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My Sylvester

(Courtesy of Loonipedia)

 Boxer's apprentice (mom) here:

I never know whether I should apologize or give a reason for being away from the blog.  Mainly I had some health issues I am dealing with that sort of took over for a while.  It gave me some time to think and for the gratitude I have for Boxer and Princess Leia, thinking back to when I got them and how they fulfilled a childhood dream when it came to cats.

As I kid I always loved Sylvester from the Looney Tunes cartoons.  His black and white looking tux was just what I always wanted in cat.  When my first cat Sparky died, I wasn't thinking of getting my dream cat, instead I was just trying to fill the big empty hole he left when he passed.  I just happened to pick up the paper and look under the pet section 22 days after Sparky's death when I came across an ad for free kittens.  I took a chance and called, "just to see," and there was a black and white male kitten available.  My heart soared.  Even though I wasn't thinking this was my dream cat, I rushed over to have a look at this adorable kitten.

And there he was, all black, with white paws, belly and snout.  All that was missing was the white tip on the
tail.  I was scared, Sparky's death still hung heavy with grief, yet here was a new life in front of me that made me want to jump for joy.  This little devil of a kitten was made me.  I'd been dreaming of him from as far back as I could remember and there he was in front of me, just waiting for me to take him home.

We had a bit of a rocky start, it was so tough between grieving for Sparky and this wild child named Boxer, but over the years we have managed to work it out.  And I will be forever grateful to have the Sylvester I have always wanted, with the name of Boxer.

Sylvester ain't got nothing on me!

Next post I will share how Princess Leia completed the childhood fantasy.  :)

Friday, May 3, 2013

I'm so ashamed!

Boxer here...

There's a rumor going around that I like the dogs.  Well, let me set the record straight.  I...I...OK, OK, I do like the dogs sometimes.  I can't lie.  But they are a pain in my derriere as well.  Like coughing up a big hairball kind of good.  I can't help it (covering face) I'm a lover not a fighter.  And those dogs, er I mean Muttville like me, OK, OK, they boss me around.  My apprentice finally started letting me go outside again with the dogs.  Now that's cool.  Until they ruffle my fur and start messing with me.  (head in paws)  It's hopeless, it's hopeless I'll never be the tough alley cat everyone thinks me to be.  For all my size, I should be a bully with those dogs, but I can't help myself.  I just want someone to play with too.  Ya know?  Princess Leia's no fun, she hides most of the day and only comes out here and there, but the dogs, they are every where. Oh, I confess, I like the dogs.  I guess maybe I thought that my apprentice would appreciate me more if I hung out and acted like them.  Maybe I just wanted to be a part of something, ya know like hanging  with the cool kitties.  (wipes tears)  Please don't tell my apprentice.  She's the only one I have left to boss around and really act like a cat with.  I really do wish that she would get more in touch with her feline self, but she's getting there.  She's getting there.  She just loves those dogs so much I got a little jealous.  OK, not really, I've been like that from the get.  Just don't tell her that!!