Sunday, June 30, 2013

Cat From Hell Show

Boxer's apprentince (mom) here:

So has anybody watched this show, "My Cat From Hell?"  I watched it for the first time, when not five minutes in I became very grateful for Boxer and Princess Leia, but mostly Boxer.  This hell cat on TV was attacking and clawing the hell out of their owners and guest.  Even though Boxer and I have been through some rough patches, it didn't take long to realize how truly blessed I am regardless of how bossy, pushy, or demanding Boxer has ever been.  And really all he's looking for is some loving, he just has a funny way of showing it sometimes.

And what did you get out of the show Boxer?


Monday, June 17, 2013

Lesson 2-Out in the Wild

Boxer here:
Hell yea I'll go outside!!

OK, so we have my latest confession of liking the dogs and feeling like one of them.  So when my apprentice said I could go outside with Muttville, I leapt out the door before she could change her mind.  Now she could witness me in my natural habitat and for the cat I really am.  My plan was working.  Sooner or later I would have to take precedence over those Muttillans.  She would have to see me for the ruler of my wooded kingdom that I am and would bow to my presence.  Putting the Nutty Mutty's in their place.

I am king of the forest

I acted aloof but interested, taking my time before rubbing against her leg and getting those wonderful long strokes in my fur.  I ventured a little further, eating some grass along the way.  Which by the way isn't causing any upset with the my tummy like it did the last few summers.  I moseyed over to the the sheds, minding my own business and get as far away from the Mutt circus as possible.

When all of the sudden...

Here comes the Princess Cat Patrol and her evil father, trying to round me up.  I high tail it back to the house, with them close on my heels, but I am safe.

And then I here it...laughing and praising as the mutts clamor around her like they just slayed a dragon.  She is letting them keep tabs on me and if I wander, the round up crew comes out to get me.  And she thinks it cute.

So you thought it was "cute" did you?

Just think how "cute" every claw in your sore legs will be tonight, my apprentice.  Digging each finely chiseled point deep into your skin.  Oh, and that headbutt of mine that you think is so annoying, lets just see how many times I can spill your pop in your lap while you try to drink.  Just wait until I get you alone and all your little muttville isn't there to protect you.  You may have foiled me once again.  But just remember revenge is so much sweeter the second time around. (and third and forth and fifth...)

Take your time learning that cats rule, I'm a very patient and vengeful cat...I got time....

Saturday, June 1, 2013

"We are Siamese if you please..."

Leia at four months old.

Leia's apprentice (mom) here:

After finding my dream tuxie cat, Boxer, next came my dream Siamese cat...

Two different encounters with Siamese lead me to my next two cats.  Both when I was quite young.  First was Disney's Lady and the Tramp with the two Siamese cats and their famous song, "We are Siamese if you please."  I have no idea what it was about those two cats, but I just loved them.  Still do.  My real life experience was a neighbor who had two Siamese that I believe were related.  They were quite old when I met them, around twenty years old.  Their names were Ping and Pong and I thought that was the coolest name two Siamese cats could ever have.  It was the first time I ever met any pet, where the name fit the animals so well and I was in love with them.  I can still remember their darting slanted eyes and their slinking walk.  It didn't take much for me to be hooked.

My heart cat, Claw

When my first cat Claw died, I'd had suspicions all along she may have been at least part Siamese.  She had a lanky body, long corkscrew tail and large ears, but I was never really sure because she looked like a grey tabby.  I started doing some research after her death only to discover that there are certain Siamese that do not have the traditional Seal Point markings, like Princess Leia does, and can look like tabby cats.

Claw was my heart cat and nine days after she passed I found Princess Leia.  She was the first pedigreed animal I've ever had and that I ever paid for.  She is the only pet I traveled four hours round trip after finding a Siamese cattery on the internet, something I'd never done.  Among six Husky mix dogs she's the only one in the family who has blue eyes.  And when I brought her home, it was like Claw stepped into her body and I never grieved for her again.  It was like she is part of Leia and my dream was fulfilled.

My Princess

Once I discovered that Claw was at least Siamese or was one, through many tears, I felt like the universe was pushing me to find the Siamese I always wanted with the traditional Seal Point markings.  Like the forces of nature just beckoned me towards her so that there would not be that gaping hole in my heart.  Or the pain was going to be too much to for me to bear.  Whatever the reason I followed it and let it steer me in Leia's direction.  With the sense of Claw being part of Leia, I was whole again and the hole in my heart closed.  I had the best of both worlds, Claw and Leia, in the cat of my dreams and I am able to cherish them together.