Tuesday, September 24, 2013

How to Win a Cat's Heart

 Claw and Sparky

My husband has always had a fear of cats after being attacked by one that landed on his back.  So when he met me and I had two, in order to win them over he came up with the idea of giving them tuna before bed.  Sparky, who took little coaxing when it came to food jumped on the bandwagon.  My husband was instantly his best friend.  Claw took a little slower coming around, after all she was MY cat and she wasn’t going to bow down to anyone no matter what it was.  With Sparky being such a pig, Claw figured if she wanted in on this special dessert she had to lose a little of her dignity and began to join in on the fun when Mark started clinking on the tuna can. 

Since I’d never gave the cats any wet food before, this was an extra special treat that carries on today with Boxer and Leia and for every cat after, who will never have to know what it is like to go without at least a spoonful of tuna or canned food.  Thanks to a guy terrified of cats who won their hearts and tummys over to him with a little fish and a whole lot of love.

  Don't mess with my tuna OR my Daddy or else...

Monday, September 16, 2013

Boxer's Side of the Story


Boxer here:

So my apprentice comes in our room and for once doesn't sit in front of that screen, but instead picks up one of toys and... hold on to your claws...starts playing with us.  Well, me really, Leia just stood around and watched as I took over that toy.  Oh the sheer bliss of clawing and fanging, jumping and rolling and doing that all out cat spaz thing!

The jealous mongrel kept beating and whining at the door!  Suck it up Muttville!  It's about time she played with me and not you!  Even more heaven when the apprentice told the mutt, "Quiet!"  Is it possible?  Are we really getting through to her (apprentice)?  Has it been since taking her under our claws that she is coming around?  Is she really getting in tune with her inner catness??  Could it be that the impossible is becoming possible?  Zip, zang she's got me going crazy over this toy!!  I think I'm in love!!

My apprentice puts the toy down next to Leia and I, while going for the door.  When who zips into OUR room, but the Muttville's crazy-for-us mutt.  She grabs our toy, right out from under us and takes off out the door.  Why that little...wait a minute...wait one darn minute...she grabbed the toy and not us.  What the heck is up with that?  Who cares?  The mutt didn't get us, or even try to, she just wanted the toy.  Whew!  That was close.

 Ms. Apprentice, can I have my toy back now? 

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