Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Zzzz's with the cats

Boxer's Mom(apprentice) here:

Boxer has decided to take a little break from blogging.  He's a little miffed that I took a break from the dog blog and didn't catch up with his blog.  So now he's 'On Strike' and once again I must prove myself to him that he is just as important as the dog.  (Sigh)  I guess it just goes with the turf of being an apprentice.

Boxer and Leia's bed is large enough for me to climb in and curl to sleep.  I've taken a few naps with the cats, who have their own room, but last night I did something special.  I turned off the computer, grabbed a blanket and pillow and curled up with them, instead of sleeping with the dogs.

They were both rather excited.  Boxer was right in my face purring as I lay there and Leia was somewhere curled up in my legs.  And all I could think was I needed to do this more often.

I only slept for a couple of hours before I needed to stretch out, which meant leaving Boxer and Leia and going to be.  But it was the best couple of hours I could ask for.  I haven't done that since I met my husband, who was deathly afraid of cats after being attacked by one when he was younger and I haven't had any cats sleeping in our bed since.  So this was a real treat and I don't know why I never thought of it before.

It was so healing and energizing, peaceful and calming.  I had forgotten how much I missed sleeping with cats.  Yes, I need to do it more often and hoping this gets me back in Boxer's graces...

 More, More, More!

There was another comforting aspect to sleeping with Boxer and Leia that I'll share with you next time.