Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Shared Spirits

Boxer's mom (apprentice) here:
(Boxer's still ON STRIKE)

I have always felt Sparky and Claw's spirit alive and well, within Boxer and Princess Leia.  Have you felt this before with a lost love one and a new life, almost sharing spirits?  When Claw died and I got Leia, it was like they were twins, just different colored.  In fact I stopped grieving for Claw when I got Leia, because it was like Claw never left.  Boxer was a little tougher because his personality is so much different than Sparky's was.  But I still feel Sparky in Boxer nonetheless.

So I was telling you that something special was going on the other night when I slept with Boxer and Leia.  So let me ask you this:  Have you had those times when you felt like you have risen to the level that your cat is at?  That you are right there on the same level and communicating together?

This is where we were after I turned off the computer and and felt them pull me to their height of thinking.  That's when the idea to sleep with them, even it was only going to be for a short time, came to us.  Not only that, but I felt like that Sparky and Claw were there as well.  And I had the comfort and pleasure of being with all of my great cat loves for that evening.  It was an awesome feeling.  And healing.  So much healing.  And love.  I felt surrounded in pure feline love.  Like a little family reunion.  It was so close to heaven.  And such a sweet blessing.  That if it wasn't for the cramp spaces, it wouldn't have ended.

Have you ever experienced anything like that with your cats and those that have passed on?