Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Green Apprentice

Boxer and Leia here:

 Look at the cat grass our apprentice grew for us!
 Checking it out...

This doesn't smell like the grass outside...


And look at how far our little bit of nip has come!
Can't wait to get some of that!

*Apprentice note:  Boxer and Leia were unsure about the cat grass and I was beginning to wonder if they would eat it when I gave it to them.  I left the room and they mowed it down.  Ha!Ha!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Feline Vibes

Boxer here:

Now usually I only get time on my apprentice's lap at night while she's watching TV.

But today she was sitting and  I was able to take over her lap while getting some much needed attention because you know I'm very deprived with Muttville always hogging her.

 No one comes between me and my apprentice.

That was until Leia tried to steal my spot.  We play "King of the Lap" for a little while, but after a few swats with my paws, licking and biting her ear Leia conceded.  The Lap was all mine.

And if that wasn't enough...

The feline vibes must have been good this day, because look what we have coming...
Our apprentice added these to her garden seeds.  MEE-OWW!!

She's always had a hard time growing catnip, so we need you to send out all the kitty prayers you can all muster.  We'll keep you up to date on the progress!

Tail Twitches,