Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bummer Summer and Sad Fall

Boxer here:

We've had a pretty rough summer this year.  The leader of Muttville died of spleen cancer and he was just a young pup of 8 years old.

The house is quiet without his large presence bossing me around.  I don't know how I get through the day without him telling me what to do.  =^.^=

Seriously though, his loss has been hard on everyone, especially our mom apprentice.  Brut was her dog.  Our dad jokester has also had a tough time as well.

As for me, I just want to curl up on my apprentice's lap and stay there safe and sound, but we've run into another problem...her sciatic nerve has been hurting her and I can't sit on her lap for very long.  So yes, it has been a trying summer for all of us.  She's hoping she can find some relief and answers real soon.

Some of the things I will miss about Brut...

♥  We once walked along the entire fence line in the backyard, just him and I.

♥  The times he acknowledged that we were both leaders of our packs and were on equal terms.

♥  The many times we have been caught laying next to each other.

♥  When Brut would let me sit on my apprentice's lap without trying to push me off.

♥  How we could be in the same room and enjoy each other's company.

He wasn't the nicest dog, he was actually a meanie, but overall he didn't mess with me that much.  I miss him and his attitude, which was over the top like me!

My buddy Brut and me
(Brut:  Oct. 11, 2006-June 18, 2015)

Saturday, February 21, 2015

The Starts of a Peace Treaty

My favorite spot is finally open!

Boxer's mom (apprentice) here:

For those who have followed us and those that may be new, Boxer and I started out on a rocky road together.  I was still grieving my heart cat's death when somehow I ended with a wild-eyed kitty, who hated to be held.  Our inside joke is, that now I can't keep him off my lap!

Boxer is strong-willed, bossy, pushy, demanding and obnoxious.  Just to name a few of his characteristics and he uses all of these to get what he wants, mostly on my lap.  He will always plant himself in my chair, just to get first dibs on my lap.

Ever have a cat (or other animal) that is so stubborn you end up playing aggravation with each other all the time?  That is Boxer and I.  So we surprised each other a couple of days ago when this happened:

Maybe we could try that again.  Or NOT!

Boxer was on my chair asleep.  I called his name.  He lifted his head and stretched his front legs, ready for me to pick him up so I could sit down.

Normally I would have just picked him up, being angry at having to fight for my chair again, but instead, I just called his name.  And he responded beautifully.  And while it may not seem like much, or like, duh what else would you do?  It was a tiny step for both of us.

I have been really trying to understand Boxer better, though I think like a canine, and see things from his point of view.  I understand his living with six dogs and a second cat and demanding me for my attention.  It just that his demands and the dogs demands can just be too much all at once.  In fact it can be down right draining and Boxer is no small kitty.  He weighs in at 18 pounds and he uses that bulk also in his demands.  He's very good at pushing my buttons.  :)

We have our good moments and bad, just as in any relationship, but that little moment was so touching and melted my heart.  I can't wait to try it again.

 Still the best place on Earth. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Muttville Invasion: Even Lap Time isn't Sacred

Boxer here and I'm mad!

You will never believe it, but my sacred lap time has been invaded.  There's no point even laying down anymore.  I have to bow to those mangy mutts and wait for their welfare to be taken care of first.  Oh sure, sometimes the Jokster is there to take care of their in's and out's, but when my apprentice is left alone with Muttville, I just stand on her lap and try to wait through the shuffle of letting the rangy mutts in and out.  Up and down my lap disappears and my royal heart just can't take to being second best...AGAIN.  I don't know if I'm more hurt or angry.  It is just life in the royal court.  Get a doggy door for God's sake!  They are constantly taking time away from me and my apprentice and the real duties at hand.  Like getting a bunch of loving and brush time.  So back off Muttville!  Its my lap you are messing with and I won't stand for it anymore.  The claws are sharpened and you have been warned.  This is MY lap.

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Do you remember us?

Boxer here with an update on the same old status.  My apprentice blogged about those slobberly unruly mutts she thinks are so great, while us cats have been sitting here with no respect.  And Roger Dangerfield thinks HE doesn't get no R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!  He hasn't had a chance to live with the 24 Paws of Muttville!  No respect, I tell ya.  Nada!

My apprentince was gone quite a bit this past summer  Fancy that!  No respect and ignored as well.  But I have to give her a claw up for making sure I spent many afternoons out basking in the sun, chasing bugs and being chased by the Princess Cat Patrol.  Princess Leia won't go outside, meaning I am out there on my own with those mangy canines of Muttville.

But an amazing thing happened with Leia, she really came out of her shell this summer and was out and about in the living room more.  Not mention trying to hog MY lap time with the apprentice.  We had a couple of kitty spats over that.  Nothing serious, but I do lose my lap time more than once.  Darn sisters!

Fall and winter have been much of the same.  Napping and tuna.  What a time to hibernate.

Finally after much pestering and grinding in as much guilt as possible, I clawed my way into getting her to write again about us.  And it's about time!  We have missed finding out about our kitty friends.  We need so much support with what we are up against with those mangy mutts to help us through.  We are nowhere near our goal of turning our apprentince back out of the dark side, but one claw at a time we can still make it happen!  =^,^=

Power to the CLAW!!

And hopefully we will see you sooner than last time we posted.