Sunday, February 1, 2015

Do you remember us?

Boxer here with an update on the same old status.  My apprentice blogged about those slobberly unruly mutts she thinks are so great, while us cats have been sitting here with no respect.  And Roger Dangerfield thinks HE doesn't get no R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!  He hasn't had a chance to live with the 24 Paws of Muttville!  No respect, I tell ya.  Nada!

My apprentince was gone quite a bit this past summer  Fancy that!  No respect and ignored as well.  But I have to give her a claw up for making sure I spent many afternoons out basking in the sun, chasing bugs and being chased by the Princess Cat Patrol.  Princess Leia won't go outside, meaning I am out there on my own with those mangy canines of Muttville.

But an amazing thing happened with Leia, she really came out of her shell this summer and was out and about in the living room more.  Not mention trying to hog MY lap time with the apprentice.  We had a couple of kitty spats over that.  Nothing serious, but I do lose my lap time more than once.  Darn sisters!

Fall and winter have been much of the same.  Napping and tuna.  What a time to hibernate.

Finally after much pestering and grinding in as much guilt as possible, I clawed my way into getting her to write again about us.  And it's about time!  We have missed finding out about our kitty friends.  We need so much support with what we are up against with those mangy mutts to help us through.  We are nowhere near our goal of turning our apprentince back out of the dark side, but one claw at a time we can still make it happen!  =^,^=

Power to the CLAW!!

And hopefully we will see you sooner than last time we posted.


Lavi Damian-Boja said...

Good to hear from the cats. I'm sure that if animals could talk, cats really would be out there demanding more respect (and more tuna).

Brian said...

Hey, it's so nice to see you! Sometimes claws are useful in getting your "point" across!

Jobi Harris said...

Welcome home! we have been down for quite a while due to the dratted computer finally crashed. But it is good that it did - it was either me of it! We are hoping to be back very soon.