Sunday, November 22, 2015

Bummer Summer and Sad Fall

Boxer here:

We've had a pretty rough summer this year.  The leader of Muttville died of spleen cancer and he was just a young pup of 8 years old.

The house is quiet without his large presence bossing me around.  I don't know how I get through the day without him telling me what to do.  =^.^=

Seriously though, his loss has been hard on everyone, especially our mom apprentice.  Brut was her dog.  Our dad jokester has also had a tough time as well.

As for me, I just want to curl up on my apprentice's lap and stay there safe and sound, but we've run into another problem...her sciatic nerve has been hurting her and I can't sit on her lap for very long.  So yes, it has been a trying summer for all of us.  She's hoping she can find some relief and answers real soon.

Some of the things I will miss about Brut...

♥  We once walked along the entire fence line in the backyard, just him and I.

♥  The times he acknowledged that we were both leaders of our packs and were on equal terms.

♥  The many times we have been caught laying next to each other.

♥  When Brut would let me sit on my apprentice's lap without trying to push me off.

♥  How we could be in the same room and enjoy each other's company.

He wasn't the nicest dog, he was actually a meanie, but overall he didn't mess with me that much.  I miss him and his attitude, which was over the top like me!

My buddy Brut and me
(Brut:  Oct. 11, 2006-June 18, 2015)

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