Monday, December 19, 2016

What kind of food do you feed your cat?

Boxer's Mom here:

We want to know what feed your cat?  Wet? Dry? Raw?  Some of each?

I'm starting a gradual change over and I'm curious what you feed your cats.  Please let me know in the comment section the kind of food and brand.

Boxer and Princess Leia have always eaten dry food with some wet food.  For the last couple of years they have been on a weight loss dry food.  Well, they've lost the weight and I'd like to switch them to a different dry food since the weight loss formula has carbohydrates in it.  I'm not happy about that at all.  Since cats are obligated carnivores, I want a dry food without all the added rice and carbs for their diet.

 Currently we are using Nutro Weight Management Formula.  I believe it is a quality blend as my previous cat ate it and stopped throwing up and having diarrhea when she was diagnosed with cancer.  So I trust it.  Now I'm looking for something better without the carbs in it.

I have thought about doing raw with the cats, but I'm not good at knowing all of the things they need for supplements.  It's all too confusing to me.  Then I came across a great solution.  I found it on My Rotten Dogs (don't worry she has cats too!); a freeze-dried raw food mix for cats by Stella and Chewy's.

I started with a little and gradually added more.  Right now I am looking to replace the wet food (Friske's) which I know isn't the best brand out there.  Boxer is taking right to the raw food.  He gobbles right down.  Leia ate it the first couple of times, but now won't touch it.  I haven't figured out a way to rope her back in.  Neither of the cats have had anything but cat food and the occasional canned tuna.  I've had other cats that would eat cooked chicken and cheese, but not these two.  And even if only Boxer eats it, well that is better than not.

The freeze-dried raw food is really easy to use.  You just re-hydrate it with water, wait a minute and feed.  It has all the supplements and minerals cats need.

I'm looking for input from other cat lovers.  So tell us in the comments...what do you feed your cat(s)?

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