Thursday, September 14, 2017

Boxer and Princess Leia-the Latest News

Hi!  Cat mom here and we are running quite the record here, a post a year.  lol  And I'd say were about due!

Momma Dog Silver

We had another loss in the dog family.  Silver, the mother dog died this past January.  Mammary gland cancer.  Silver was like the glue that held the family together and kept everyone in check.  Even Daddy Dog Brut.  The loss of him two years ago was shocking for everyone.  Eventually everything smoothed over because Silver was still here and quickly fell apart after she left us.

Boxer sleeping on Silver's blanket after she died.

So what does this have to do with the cats, Boxer and Leia?  EVERYTHING!

Boxer has become more of a bully to Princess Leia than he used to be.  Leia has become a nervous wreck and is in the process of licking herself bald because of Boxer.

Boxer has espeically become bossy with wanting to eat Leia's food before she does, but I have been monitoring their meal times and so that may be part of the reason Boxer is acting out towards Leia.

We are using a pharemone diffuser in their room. Which was working great,  Leia's fur was coming back, she seemed less anxious and Boxer had a calm about him.  Then we didn't realize it had run out and we are now right back where we started, except now Leia has even less fur than when we started.


So the vet gave us some calming chews to help get Leia'a anxiety and constant licking under control.  As well as adding a Laxatone to help aid in eliminating the huge hairball that must be sitting in her stomach due to her constant grooming.  Cross your fingers it works.

We are trying to brainstorm ways to help Leia's anxiousness and Boxer's bullying and help restore some calm.  Anybody have any ideas?  We'd love to hear them!