Friday, November 3, 2017

Step One-Boxer makes some progress

One claw for cats everywhere!

If you read our post a few days ago, you know we suddenly have a problem with Boxer being aggressive with our two dogs, Zappa and more so with Fiona.

Boxer has had to stay in his room for the most part as I figure out what to do and how to do it.  I have had him out a couple of times twice with the dogs, where he crouched down and glared at the dogs in a defensive mode.  Once I had him out by himself, which of course went well, but I had a hell of a time getting him back in his room.

So tonight we tried again.  One hour before his dinner which would automatically get him back in his room to eat.  Both dogs were sleeping on the couches and stayed that way, basically ignoring Boxer.

But Boxer was keeping a close eye on them.  He seemed scared and was on alert.

So I decided to brush Boxer as he was a bit on guard and use the brush as a positive reinforcement.  I brushed him when he looked away from the dogs and stopped when he did.  I was doing good at first but lost focus after a while, but I still think it helped.  Not sure how much he may or may not have relaxed, I know Boxer was happy to be out with me, so it was worth it.  I didn't have any trouble getting him back in his room because it was dinnertime and a normal routine, so I think it really work out good.

What I'm thinking of doing is working backwards from dinnertime while slowly lengthening his time out with dogs and monitoring everyone.  Wish me luck!